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Sunrdige Press introduces the fantasy fiction novels Cloud Filly and Sky Stallion by Alea Bushardt

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About Sky Stallion

She suddenly felt a soft muzzle on her shoulder, and whirled around.  Sunridge was there.  His beautiful white mane looked oddly groomed, and he extended his muzzle hopefully.  Cloudberry pinned her ears and backed away, turning to run, but Sunridge cut in front of her challengingly, his own ears going back slightly, as if to say where do you think you’re going, little lady?  She struck at him with a foreleg, and he promptly jumped away, just far enough to keep his overbearing appearance.  He meant business.
But so did Cloudberry.  She looked off far behind him.  Confused by the lack of attention to him, Sunridge turned his head and looked too.
Cloudberry sprung.  Her hooves dug into the ground and she made her strides small to sprint faster.  There was a rush of wind and forelock around her ears. Cloudberry accelerated like a race horse, the wind whipping back her mane, chunks of earth flying out behind her.  She heard Sunridge taking off as well.  She blurred her legs with speed.  The wind blinded her but she went into full stride, knowing that she could beat Sunridge’s sprint.  She was the fastest unicorn in Uni- she could beat Sunridge.  She could beat anybody if she really tried, even Smoke Shadow himself couldn’t hold a candle to her if she tried hard enough!  She told herself this, and she left Sunridge behind, and was a silver streak of moonlight along the black ground, disappearing into the starlit horizon.

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