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Book Cover Link Full Synopsis Link Author: Alea Bushardt
Illustrator: Jeanne Mellin
Editor: Melody Clayton
Publisher: Sunridge Press
Printer: Trafford Publishing, first printing May 2007

Sky Stallion is the second of a series.

Sky Stallion is an exciting fantasy adventure about a teenage boy (Drake) and his sister (Nellie) who live in a new land that they encountered by accident. They discover unicorns, which are much different than they ever imagined, and many mystical creatures such as fire horses, dragons and cloud unicorns. They are befriended by two sisters, one a mysterious sorceress. The adventure expands on the freiendship between Drake and a wild, playful and independent unicorn filly (Cloudberry) and their love of racing. The focus is on Nellie's carefully forged freienship with an evil and unpredictable unicorn stallion named Nightcloud. She sees through his evil side and is seduced by his great beauty and strong spirit while developing a friendship. This is and easy read.

The detailed drawings inside (two per chapter) are done by world famous equine artist Jeanne Mellin.  There is a lighthearted and humorous tone throughout the story, and it was written to be enjoyed by a wide range of ages.

The author is a young teenager, born in 1990, who has an avid love of horses.  She started this manuscript at 14 after completing the prequel, Cloud Filly.  This story has been with her from the time she can remember and was drawn in cartoon form before she could write.  The author is diagnosed with high-functioning autism.

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