There are some other characters that didn't rate getting their own page.

Blaise is a real jockey, who races her fire mare, Songoffire. She's pretty confident in their abilities to win and has big races in the future in mind. She just lives in a tent on one of the other edges of the forest and exercises Songoffire constantly.

Blaise's fire mare. Just as cocky and proud as Blaise is, she has an unbeatable come-from-behind kick at the end of a race.

Galaxy Dancer-
Galaxy is Cloudberry and Nightcloud's father. He is the gatekeeper of Uni, meaning he has an extremely important job with a huge burden, and he must make sure that nothing unwanted can make it through the portal gates to the different sections of Uni (it's an suber tough job, who wants to sit out alone in the dark of outer space all the time anyway?). Only his horn is the key to open the portals. But he's getting up there in age for his job (40's, they aren't allowed humanely to spend too much of their life out there) and was planning on Night taking the responsibility one day, but it didn't happen...
He could be considered Mammatus' true mate. He had to be risky to breed her those two times when he was trying to get a heir.

This is Cloudberry and Nightcloud's dam. She lives up in the clouds in a cloud unicorn herd. She has some foals fathered by her herd stallion, but only Cloudberry and Nightcloud are from Galaxy. She can only see Galaxy very rarely, and is not very happy and sunny, but she is a good mom. Cloudberry comes to visit her sometimes.

Devon is a mean guy that lives around the plains by the edge of the forest. He doesn't seem to like unicorns very much, is a bit of a jerkwad and has a dragon named Ria who he doesn't treat very well.

Ria is Devon's dragon. She doesn't talk, is very tolerant and fond of Devon even though he can be cruel to her. She tried to run away from him once. Even if he is mean, at least he accepts her.


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